A package tied with string - a bag of interesting objects, a notebook and a pencil.
Bags of Stories!
Do you like inventing your own stories? Then the Bag of Stories is for you! The bag contains some curious objects to get your imagination going, and the notebook and pencil are there to record your stories. Embellish with the special papers, and you have your own story book.

Your Stories and Pictures

We love seeing your stories and pictures about the sea. Get in touch if you would like your work to be featured here.
Send us your stories or pictures
A shiny yellow star and some packets of sweeties sit on top of a pile of 2ps in a fairground machine.
Our Writing
We have started a blog so we can write about the sea - the creatures who live there, the explorers who have sailed over it, the treasure at the bottom of it, and the fun to be had at the beach.
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